R.O.S.E. IN BLOOM ???? Full video out now on my YouTube page Realisations Obsessions Sex Empowerment The four words that my feelings fell into during the time of writing this record. The journey I went through in writing these songs was absolutely exhilarating at times, and at times wasn't easy at all. The one thing that was confirmed for me in the process. Is that in your darkest hours you can truly find your biggest light, if you allow yourself to blossom in the pain. Pain gives us the biggest lessons, change does too. Change can be scary but everything we need. I certainly craved and needed change, this record is exactly that. I ran into myself more than ever on this album and wanted to be honest and real. In this very moment of where I am at in my life emotionally and musically. This little documentary style video I created / directed and edited myself with Erik Rojas and Brian Ziff is a little insight into how this album made me feel and my thought process. I feel so empowered celebrating my true self more and more. Best bit is I know this record is the seed I needed to plant to blossom into something that I know is yet to come. I can’t wait. This is just the beginning. I hope you enjoy this record as much as I did creating it.

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